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Introducing Batch Apply

Introducing Batch Apply

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Ever had the feeling that your CV's perfect for a bunch of jobs but you just don't have the time to apply to each and every one individually.

With Monster's Batch Apply, we've made applying for multiple jobs with just one CV a piece of cake. Applying's never been more efficient.

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Using Batch Apply
Run a job search or click on one of the sectors that appeal to you above
Tick the check boxes for the jobs that seem up your alley
Sign in and choose a new or pre-uploaded CV*
Submit and you're done!


No Cover Letter?

Batch Apply gives you the option to add a cover letter for each job you have selected to further enhance your application. You will need to go through the apply process for each selected job to add your tailored cover letter. For rapid applies to multiple jobs, we recommend a well thought out CV that best highlights your skills with a small personal statement showing why you're passionate about your chosen industry.

Save Your Searches

If you like the look of a particular job search, save it! Instead of running the same search each time you visit Monster, jobs will be sent to you automatically straight to your inbox. Control the frequency to avoid too many options in any given time.

*Making The Right CV

We've got a bunch, heap and a mountain of useful CV information to help you out with creating a killer one. Try out some free CV templates if you're stuck on where to begin or browse through our CV writing tips. When you're happy with it - knock em down:

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