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Unleash Monster with a Swipe

Unleash Monster with a Swipe


Monster knows people love their mobile phone and they can’t go five seconds without Snapfacing or Twit Apping.

Applying for a job on a mobile can be tricky though.

Monster’s big purple furry goal is to make it easier for job seekers and employers to make the perfect match on their mobile.

Our new Monster Job Search app does just that; making applying for a job on smartphones faster, more convenient and simpler than ever before with a swipe to the right! 


How easy can it be?

1.    Download the Monster Job Search app

2.    Create a profile in just 2 clicks, using social media or uploading a CV

3.    Our advanced matching technology filters through 1000s roles to  find the most relevant jobs

4.    Simply apply or reject jobs with a single swipe!

Download today and join the thousands of others who have unleashed Monster's power and have swiped their way to the job they deserve.

Monster, in your corner and on your mobile app store.


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