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Third Party CVs

Third Party CVs

Third-Party CVs
“Third-party CVs” are CVs posted by consulting companies on behalf of their job seeker clients, and are not posted by the job seekers themselves. The contact information on the CV is that of the consulting company and not of the actual job seeker. These third-party CVs are a violation of Monster's Terms of Use, which prohibit “using the information in the Monster CV Database to sell or promote any products or services" .   Please read below for more information on how we identify and address this practice.

What is the purpose of a third-party CV?
Consulting companies use third-party CVs to generate leads for their business. They attempt to offer their services for a fee by placing third-party CVs on Monster and using those CVs to apply to jobs.  Employers calling the phone number or sending an email to the contact listed on the CV reach a consulting company, which states that the employer will need to pay the consulting company in order to hire the job seeker.   

Sometimes consulting companies will also add a paid so called re-direct phone number to the CV in order to gain revenue and/or to gain the employer's number when the candidate is called.

How can a third-party CV be identified?
Many times, language will be placed at the top of the CV stating that the job seeker is available only on a corporation to corporation basis.  Phone numbers or street addresses are also a good indicator of the legitimacy of a CV. Consulting companies will use the same phone number and address for all of their job seeker clients, remaining consistent on all the CVs they have posted on Monster. If you encounter multiple CVs with the same contact information, please let us know .

What is Monster doing to address this problem?
We continuously monitor our CV database in order to identify and remove third-party CVs that have been added to the database. Once we have determined that the CVs were posted by a consulting agency, they are immediately removed and the offending agency is notified. These proactive measures help to ensure that the experience with Monster's services remains strong and will help to ensure a greater return on investment.

Please let us know if you encounter any CV that you believe has been posted by a third party by sending the CV ID to MO-EU.PolicyEnforcement@monster.co.uk . We will investigate the matter and take appropriate action.