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Security Notice

Security Notice

Protecting our users from malicious activity is one of Monster's top priorities. Regrettably, opportunistic criminals do use the Internet for illegitimate purposes. This problem spans the web, particularly impacting high profile, high traffic websites that serve a variety of users on a global basis. Monster is committed to protecting the data provided to us by our job seekers and increasing the security of our customer accounts.

Monster believes that educating the public about online security is a critical part of the effort to stop cybercrime. To increase public awareness of online scams and how to be safe online, Monster launched this Security Center. We encourage you to review the various articles and tips presented there.

To continuously combat fraud, Monster has implemented a dedicated team of Fraud Prevention Specialists that is fully committed to protecting the integrity of Monster’s products and services, and most importantly – our customers and site visitors. This team maintains continual surveillance of our network and database to detect and terminate access that appears unusual or could potentially be fraudulent. Furthermore, we continually implement and refine our site technologies to identify unauthorized or inappropriate access to Monster services.

We value the relationship and the trust that you place in Monster and are continually working to enhance the proactive measures we employ to maintain user security. With well over 100 development related initiatives that have already been deployed in the last year, and many more in progress, Monster is the industry leader in user security. We invite you to read about some of these initiatives, listed below, keeping in mind that this is just a sample of Monster’s efforts.

  • Dedicated Compliance and Fraud Prevention Department
  • Security Task Force made up of senior management from the Monster organisation. The task force is committed to developing infrastructure advances that will further enhance security of our customers and services
  • 24/7/365 staffing and global monitoring of network and database activity
  • Automated monitors that identify anomalous activity and secure an account upon detection of the activity
  • 100% screening of onsite orders
  • Aggressive anti-phishing efforts include real time monitoring for phishing incidents and an aggressive program of reporting phishing sites for termination
  • Strengthening account security with use of complex passwords that cannot be easily guessed by unauthorised persons
  • Strengthening account security with user profiling and authentication technology
  • Use of SSL
  • Use of CAPTCHAs to prevent malicious programs from being able to navigate or use the Monster site
  • Masking of contact information on job postings to prevent the data from being scrapped and misused
  • Enhanced customer account verification procedures for customer service
  • Coordination with regulators, law enforcement and other sources of intelligence

As always, Monster provides customer support around the clock. Rest assured that, if you suspect your Monster account information has fallen into the wrong hands, you can contact us at any time to discuss your concerns. If you see a questionable job posting or any potential misuse of the Monster website or its brand, please report the suspected fraud.