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Recording Your Video Job Ad


Ready to record your video job ad? We will show you how easy it is to use the Monster Studios app.

Quickly give candidates a look inside your company, show your team, values and culture. Let them know exactly why—in your own words—your job is the right fit for them.

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Allow Monster Studios Microphone and Camera Access within your phone’s settings:

iPhone: Settings > Monster Studios App > Camera on

Android: Settings > Apps > Manage Apps > Studios > App Permissions > Camera On


From your Video Library, click the Camera icon at the top of your screen.


Choose a one person video or a two person video and then click Next.


Choose Record a Video.
(Or, you can import a video if you’ve already recorded.)

You will need to turn your phone on its side to record. Position yourself within the dotted lines and check out all of the actions available on this recording screen.


The X will bring you back to the previous step.


Settings: Set the teleprompter to scroll, still or off. And adjust the font size and scroll speed. The Camera level will add a red bar at the bottom of the screen to help you find a level surface.


Teleprompter: Scrolls while you record! Tap the edit icon to open the scripts screen. To add a new script, tap on the purple plus sign icon. Or, click on an existing script to Select, View or Copy.


Flip: This will change the camera to the front or back of your phone.


Record: Tap to start recording, and again to stop. A ‘Tap to record more’ button will appear after you stop if you want to record a few segments to edit together in the next step.

Tap and drag each purple bar to adjust where your video starts and stops. This gives you an opportunity to remove when you reached for the record button at the beginning and end of the video. Tap the play button to preview it and then click Apply to go to your timeline.

You will see your video in your timeline where you have a few actions to consider.

Preview: Tap the play button to preview your video.

Thumbnail: You will see a thumbnail of your video. You have the option to add another video here as well.

Options: When you tap on a thumbnail, you will see your options. You can Trim, Retake or Delete the video. Click Next at the top of the screen to continue with the editing screens.

If you have more than one video clip in your timeline, they will become one video within the next editing step. You can adjust each video’s placement within your timeline with the Move Backward/Forward options.

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