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How to Create, Manage and Send SearchMonster Campaigns

If you don’t have time to send every candidate a separate message, but would like to reach out to as many relevant candidates as possible, sending out a SearchMonster Campaign is the way to go.

Setting up an email campaign couldn’t be easier with SearchMonster. Within your search you can:

  • Create personalized emails with smart fields
  • Save messages as templates for the next campaign
  • Send automated reminder messages after 5/10 days
  • Review the performance of the messages sent
  • Edit or stop the campaign at any point

Start by Narrowing your results

After you get your initial search results, you should narrow them down to below 300 candidates, to ensure your messages are only going to the most qualified in your results list. You can mark candidates as a Favorite to ensure they will be the first to receive the campaign. If you come across candidates you want to exclude from your campaign you can choose to Skip them.

Click on the Setup Campaign icon in the top right corner, or in the panel on the left, to start creating your campaign.

Note: Sending out a campaign will consume SearchMonster inventory. If you haven’t saved the CV or viewed it within the last 30 days, a credit will be deducted for each message sent (read Monsters inventory management article for more information on actions that consume SearchMonster credits).

Manage your settings

In the settings menu, you can select how many days you’d like the campaign to run, how many messages sent per day and select if you want to exclude candidates that have already been contacted by your or someone else in your company. By clicking on “Back to email campaign setup” you can return to the message.

Composing your message

1. Add a Subject Line and enter your message
Use the Smart Fields menu to add personalisation to your message. You can also add URL links to the text.

2. Choose how candidates can respond
Below your message you can choose if you want the candidate to reply, or be redirected to the job ad on Monster, your own website or career page. To redirect candidates, click the button next to “Candidates reply directly to me” and add the URL.

3. Save as Template
If you would like to use this message again in future campaigns, click on the “Save as Template” button on the right and enter a name.

4. Activate 5/10 Days Follow Up Campaign
Follow up messages are sent if a candidate does not take action on your initial email. You can send a follow up message after 5 and/or 10 days. Follow up messages do not consume additional credits.

Preview & Send

Click Preview Message to continue.

In the next window, you will see an Overview of your email options as well as some general guidelines on Email Campaigns. For example, newly added, matching candidates will automatically be added to the campaign.

You can click on the Initial Email and Follow Up Email tabs to preview your messages before they are sent.

If you need to make any changes, click on the Message or Edit Settings links at the top of the window.

When you’re happy with everything, click Start Campaign to turn your campaign on and in a few hours the first messages will be sent.

Manage Campaign

When clicking on the message icon in the left hand menu, or “Manage Campaign” on the top right, you will see that the Campaign is switched ON at the top. If you need to make any changes, click on Message or Edit Settings. If you would like to end the campaign, click on Stop Campaign at the bottom of the window.

Performance overview

To the left of the page you can find the icon “Performance Overview”. By clicking the icon you’ll see data associated with your campaign.

You will see how many emails were sent as well as the opens and clicks they’ve generated. Clicks appear if a candidate replied to your email or clicked on a link within your message.

The chart on the right will show you how many emails were sent each day.

The candidate history at the bottom of the page will let you know which candidates received your message and when.

Since the campaign can be edited during the campaign period, it is good to keep an eye on it’s the performance and tweak it where necessary.