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Unleash Monster With A Swipe!

Unleash Monster….With A Swipe

Monster knows people love their mobile phone and can’t go five seconds without Snapfacing or Twit Apping. Monster’s big purple furry goal is to make it easier for job seekers and employers to make the perfect match on their mobile. Our new Monster Job Search app does just that; making applying for a job on smartphones faster, more convenient and simpler than ever, with a swipe to the right.

Mobile – The ‘New Normal’

The rise of smartphones has revolutionised the way we visit websites, connect with friends, find first dates, laugh at cat videos and order taxis in a way that was unimaginable five years ago. Google’s Connected Consumer Survey (2012-2016) has shown that people are now more likely to access the internet via a smart phone than a computer/tablet with 49% of all job related queries now coming from mobile.1
Monster’s new app is designed with this ‘new normal’ in mind, automatically matching jobs to seekers and enabling them to apply or reject jobs with a single swipe.

What Does This Mean For Recruiters?

1. More reach – Especially among millennials who will represent 40% of the workforce by 2020.2

The big advantage of mobile applications is the enormous reach. On average, smartphone users check their phones 170 times a day.3 Therefore, the App is a huge opportunity to reach talent and promote your job opportunities and employer brand.

2. Removing the barriers to mobile apply.

Most millennials want to be able to find and apply for jobs on their mobile in one session, without having to save a job on their phone and come back to it on another device where their resume is stored. But obstacles mean that over 50% of applicants drop out of mobile apply flows and many don’t come back.4 Speed, convenience and relevance matter. Don’t forget the Millennial generation who spend the equivalent of a day a week using their Smartphone5 (52 days a year), are used to being served relevant information on demand, not searching for it. Our app is particularly relevant to these job seekers.

3. More relevant applications.

A personalised job feed is presented to users based on the information they have provided from their social profile or resume and location data, then Monster’s algorithm matches jobs to the known data of the candidate. Monster Swipe Technology can improve search to apply conversion on mobile fourfold. This technology goes some way to solving the key challenge of candidates abandoning the mobile application process and recruiters missing out on key talent.

The Different Types of Mobile Applications - Resume & Micro Application

Profile creation can be done in 2 clicks by importing information from an existing Facebook profile, including work history. People can of course edit this and build a profile they think best reflects them as candidates. They can also import a resume simply from popular services such as Dropbox and Google Drive. Or they can upload their resume on desktop and it will be synced to the app.

Of course, existing Monster seekers can login with their existing account – no new registration is required. Candidates who have uploaded a resume to their profile will send this automatically when they swipe right. For candidates who haven’t attached a resume you will receive a micro-application providing name, email, location, title and education information.

This won’t mean you are inundated with unsuitable applications – Monster’s algorithm means jobs are only matched to relevant candidates. Instead it means candidates can express an interest in the role – especially beneficial for hard to fill roles. As usual, companies receive an email notification with the attached resume or profile and can then contact the applicant directly – to request further information or organise an interview, for example.

Tips To Maximise the Mobile Revolution

The reality is many businesses lose applications from talented applicants because they don’t have an apply process that is 100% optimised for mobile. Here are our recommendations to get the most out of mobile:

Well-written job ads:

The more specific a job ad is written, the better it will be able to address and appeal to the right people. A vague and too generic job ad will always attract a lot of irrelevant candidates. Mobile-friendly website: ensure you convert relevant applications and leads by having a mobile optimised website and process, where candidates can find out all about your organisation and career opportunities.

Mobile-Friendly website:

Ensure you convert relevant applications and leads by having a mobile optimised website and process, where candidates can find our all about your organisation and career opportunities.

Embrace a mix of applies:

Customers of Monsters new app will receive a mix of full CVs and micro-applications providing name, email, location and education information and title. The aim of providing an option of submitting a short profile application is to do away with the obstacles that cause many candidates to abandon mobile applications, as well as providing rich leads to employers. Remember, Monster only serves your jobs to relevant candidates and will generate more applications for your job adverts from seekers searching for jobs on a mobile device.

In summary, you can snare more talent with Monster's new trap. Sorry, app!